About Us

Our goal is to make life a little bit brighter. We started out as a husband/wife team who want to encourage valuing relationships, doing the right thing, and keeping life simple and light. These aren't the easiest things to do in this fast paced and sometimes down right brutal world. If you've stopped by Mayberry Corner today our hope is that you are able to slow down for a minute, take a deep breath, and enjoy the uplifting and humorous messages we share through our products as well as finding great décor ideas for your home. We hope that  when you leave you feel a little happier than when you stepped in.  


Curator Of Customer Care And Design
She absolutely loves designing custom signs for and connecting with customers all over the US. She is also the snack stocker, keeping everyone's “hangry pains” at bay.


Production & Customer Service Manager and OCD Office Cleaner
She loves languages and hates mice. She also loves a good challenge; like interpreting in front of hundreds of people:)


Ashlyn is happiest when she is dancing. She enjoys watching her husband play college baseball, she loves being in the sun, and she loves surfing! A pet peeve of hers is when drivers don't use their blinkers. Her biggest fear: Snakes!!!


Lynette is a mom of 2 busy boys so we feel lucky that we get to have her help us a few hours each day. She does a fantastic job helping us with our Semi-Custom Design work.


Mechanical Wizard & Comedian
He actually enjoys getting pulled in 101 different directions to help whoever needs him most each day. Besides keeping all the gears running smoothly, he's always happy to lighten the mood with his corny jokes.


Shipping Manager And Marketing Guru
Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, and has always loved learning what makes businesses tick. He loves eating orange chicken, playing soccer and rock climbing!


The Woodworking Wonder
He has been using power tools and working with wood since he was about 13 years old. You’ll appreciate his attention to detail in every sign he makes. He doesn’t just consider wood working his job, but it’s his hobby and passion as well.



He loves playing basketball, soccer, and hot-tubbing
and has a blast with fantasy football. We're gonna miss him as he's headed off to college come fall.


Head Of Wood Painting And Finishing
He loves sports and the outdoors, but strangely enough, he hates fishing. He's a young man turning old quickly:)


Pigment Based Material Deposit Operator . . . or Printer
He is studying music education. He loves photography, hiking, mountain biking, and adventures with his wife and Corgis. Oh, and he is a "Pun Meister" if there ever was one!


Painter / Printer And News Commentator
He is an aspiring vexillologist. If you don't know what that is, neither did we. In a nutshell, it is someone who studies flags...super cool! He likes cloudy weather, time to himself, and hates forks that have embossed handles.
Andrea (Apprentice) - She loves the outdoors! Her favorite pastimes are longboarding, swimming and watching sunsets:)
She loves the outdoors! Her favorite pastimes are longboarding, swimming and watching sunsets:)


Our Very Fluffy Cat, Master Of Attention
He could also be called the Explorer of Keyboards and the Warmer of Feet.