Personalized Street Sign

      1. We've had a lot of fun designing these signs. What a fun way to add a personalized touch to the backyard or a bedroom wall. Kids (and adults) love the idea of seeing their own name on a street sign. These signs are metal (aluminum) faced on both the front and the back. The center core is an outdoor rated polymer that is bonded to the aluminum faces. Excellent hybrid material that takes advantage of the stiffness of the aluminum and the lightness of the polymer core to make an easy to hang, long lasting sign for indoors or out. The artwork is printed directly onto the white painted metal and the inks are outdoor rated as well.
        The 7 x 28 inch versions are the ones shown in the photos above; they are the best size for the two sided outdoor signs.
        The 9 x 36 inch versions are large and are meant to have a large presence hung on a wall (indoor or out).
        The 11 x 44 inch tall versions are very large and are meant to have a huge presence hung on a wall (indoor or out).

        If you want to mount this outdoors you can purchase the bottom post mount here:

        If you want to mount a second sign on the same pole, here is the upper bracket to connect the upper sign:

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